Getting Through the Holidays without Going Crazy

The average American spends almost $900 on Christmas gifts each year. Whoa, can you repeat that? $900! That’s nuts. Talk about holiday stress! I love presents. Getting presents. Giving presents. Opening presents. I don’t really love wrapping presents, but you get the idea.  Presents are fun. When I was younger, I loved seeing presents under … Read more

How to Choose a Charity: Making Your Donation Count!

Buckle your seatbelts, folks.  This is one of my FAVORITE topics.  And it just so happens that I’m a little bit of an expert on it. I think that donating time and money should be important pieces to our financial and family puzzle.  But how do you choose a charity that you can trust? First, … Read more

#1 Reason That Budgets Fail

Budgets fail for many, many reasons. We forgot to account for the car insurance payment. We had an accident and had unforeseen medical expenses. We got invited to a birthday party and needed a gift. The list could go on forever. But there is one major reason that budgets fail. What do I mean? I’ll … Read more

5 Workout Ideas for Busy Moms

5 Workout Ideas for Busy Moms   I used to be able to work out whenever I wanted to. My biggest challenge was pulling myself away from reality TV (Do the Real World/Road Rules Challenges still exist on MTV??) That was B.C. – before children! Now, with one who is almost three and another who … Read more

Lessons Learned from my Month without Sugar

Lessons Learned from my Month without Sugar Did you know that some say that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine? In a now famous study by University of Bordeaux scientist, Dr. Serge Ahmed, researchers took rats and created a dependency on cocaine (AKA they gave them cocaine and got them to the point that … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Teach Money Management to Kids

5 Simple Ways to Teach Money Management to Kids Money management is not something we are born with.  If you lay out bills of different denominations for a four-year-old and ask him which he would like to have, he will pick the prettiest bill.  He will not pick the largest denomination because, to him, it … Read more